03 December 2007

Ska Reggae Party Review

This time no one can allegate he didn't know.I had warned

everybody via my blog and also by posters that were glued
on several places , not to miss that party for nothing.
This was 'Ska Reggae Vol 2 ' and it turned out to be even
better than vol 1 .

At first Nick and especially John seemed very anxious
about the party. As time was passing by, and the first
blowupers entered the bar ,everything became easier.
It was the loud sound ,and the faster rhythm of music
that made everyone to be in a good mood.

Arround 4:00 in the morning the second wave of people
came in and almost everybody were dancing.I think,that
moment was the highlight of the party.
Since reggae is not my strong field i am afraid this time
i cannot give you a sample of the playlist . I have to ask
John and Nick for that. Around 07:00 after a short
briefing concerning police alcohol blocks it was about
time to leave . It's been a long time since i saw Johnn so
exhausted.Now that i am thinking again , i haven't heard
from him since that moment...It's better give him a call...

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