22 December 2007

Made in Britain Party review

Due to Christmas holidays most of the students had already gone.
Therefore Heraklion yesterday it wasn't really a vivid city. Despite that
fact,we ended the party at 5 o' clock.
While J.Cocker & Kid Loco (i just came to tell you...) were on the decks
of Blow Up ,i was thinking of how students reflect to city life.

Anyway after 2 o' clock blowupers started coming to the bar so within
an hour later about fifty people had the opportunity to l isten to Mike
dj set.Pure english sounds from the seventies to the zero's.
Rock, Brit Pop, New Wave, Punk and Electronica were represented by
Manic Street Preachers, Inspiral Carpets, Charlatans, Jam, House of
Love, Smiths, Joy Division ,Cure,Stranglers,Siouxsie ,Depeche Mode

Clash,Echo & the Bunnymen,Stone Roses,chemical Brothers,New order
O.m.d,Specials,Oasis,Prodigy,Kaiser Chiefs,Dukes of Stratosphere and

This is the second party that Dj Mike and his 'intiment charm of r' n ' r
( radiobroadcasting on Music Channel 105,1 Mhz , every Thuesday )
from 23:00 to 00:00 ) organise in Blow Up.Hope to become an annual
event. Yesterday i gave a promise to myself either writing down the
playlists during the dj set or quit drinking ...

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