07 December 2007

I wanna dance with your shadow party review

If someone ,specially if they live abroad ,hear that somebody
complains about the low temperatures ( 5 º c ) during winter,
leastwise he will laugh to tears.But when the above issue
concerns Heraklion ,whose humidity rises up to 95% I think
we have every reason to whine about.

In a cold evening like yesterday it was really a big achievement
to have about sixty people ,inside the bar. The music program
itself was really surprising ,even for me.It had particular structure;
this means that the right song was played in the right moment.
From what I heard Nick played rock,garage and indie, Irini played
and a little bossa and last but not least
Fani played electronica and e.b.m .

So eventually Clash,Pixies,Love,Last Drive, Cramps, Can
Sonic Youth Vietnam Veterans and Joy Division coexisted
hand in glove with Mark Almond, calexico, Belle and
Sebastian, Holy Golightly , Diorama, Ascii Disko,
wai pi wai,Covenant,Anne Clark and Yo La Tengo.

The big hit of the night was of course, 'Dance With

Your Shadow' by Rough Bunnies and

that happened to verify the tittle of the

party.Not only us, but also Nick ,Irini and Fani ,the

3 Dj's ,had great time.Expect the sequel around Christmas.

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