24 November 2007

Women's voices party review

Well,only a few hours later,after the women's voices party (i haven't slept at all ) ,memories are coming back easier.I always prefer to talk about an incident that has occured only a few hours ago ,because it's more spontaneous this way allthough it might not be so objective.

It seems that i am gonna take that risk...
I was surprised when i saw a lot of people coming arround 23:20
which is very early for a bar in Heraklion,and especially Blow up.

My surprise became even bigger when i noticed that most of the thirty people that
came in early ,were first timers in my bar.Young people between 24 and 38 ,that is the usual
average age of blowupers.

And naturally the trademark of blow up.The party
was declared that only women's voices would be on the air of blow up , and only
that kind of songs were heard.Dj 'Guru:ni 'and dj 'don't even mention 'had to dig hard ,(or not so hard) in order to play songs from :
Supremes,Gloria Jones,Pretenders,Blondie, Bjork, P.J.Harvey, Hooverphonic
Concretes,Portishead,Bangles,Bananarama,Nouvelle Vague,Madonna,Elastica
Shivaree,Holly Golightly,Erykah Badu,Beth Orton,

Kosheen,Tori Amos,Garbage,Nina Person,Yeah Yeah Yeahs,Madeleine Payroux,
Holes,Sonic Youth and a lot more women's voices.

Almost all requests (sorry Meropi for not hearing Amy Winehouse)
were played and eventually the party finished around 5:45 in the morning.And don't forget
next saturday ska reggae party at Blow UP... See u there blowupers!


Anonymous said...

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blowman said...

i can't see how it helped you but i am happy to contribute...