03 October 2007


It's about a '' dream came true bar'' ,which it has opened it's ears in the music world on December 22nd 2005. I would characterize it as an open-minded unit . It can easily be proved by the variety of sounds that have found shelter in it.
But let's hear what the bar itself has to say :
'One of the things that i am really proud of is, the fact that the best dj's in town (specially all those who still are vinyl junkies ) have played on my decks. Ofcourse i don't forget all the parties i have organized ,over fifty within one year and a half,with different subjects .Here funk,soul,acid,rock,psychedelia,garage,new wave,punk,ska,pop and many other types of music are welcome. Lot's of surprises for all you during this winter.I promise to give my best so i can bring the best greek groups (english lyrics) to play for you live'.That's all for the moment...

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